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I can read your script!

I love working with writers to develop their plays. I currently read scripts for the National Theatre of Scotland. Previously I've led script surgeries or mentored playwrights for Tron Theatre and Lung Ha Theatre Company.

I can't guarantee your play will end up onstage, but what I can do is support you to redraft and hone your writing. Whether this is your first play or your fiftieth, I'll read your work and give you clear, encouraging and actionable feedback. Together we'll identify where your script excels and where's there's room for improvement.

I can feedback on your play's...

  • narrative structure

  • character journeys

  • dramatic subtext

  • dialogue

  • clarity of themes

  • connection to other writers' work (the artistic context)

  • possible audiences and its places in the world (the social / political / historical context)

What we focus on is up to you. It's your play and I want to give you feedback that's useful.

This service is pay by donation. No amount is too little. If you would like some ballpark figures, here's what I'd typically charge.

  • Script Report - £50.00
    I'll read your script and you'll receive
    3-4 pages of feedback on your play's strengths, areas to think about, and creative prompts for your next draft.

  • Script Surgery - £100.00
    I'll send over the report and we can then chat about it, either in person or remotely. 

I'll aim to read your play and write a report within 30 days. If something comes up, I'll let you know. Likewise if you have a deadline and you need things to move faster, just ask and I'll try my best to accommodate. 

Email if you'd like to me to read your play. 


"I had the pleasure of working with Andy in 2020 on The Bus Stop. Andy has amazing insight into the process of playwriting and gave me an amazing confidence boost as an emerging playwright. Andy is also incredibly approachable so if there was a problem or something I didn't understand Andy was always able to help me solve the problem"

Gavin Yule
Playwright / Actor

"Andy is an asset to National Theatre of Scotland's script reading panel. They are an empathetic perceptive reader and their script reports get consistently excellent feedback from playwrights. As a fellow dramaturg, I always find their thoughts constructive and insightful"

Rosie Kellagher
National Theatre of Scotland

"Meeting and working with Andy put me at ease. Andy is a great listener, with a calm and clear approach in guiding one through the process of script writing. Not only did I learn a great deal about writing a script, but I was also able to experience a fraction of what my finished piece could be."

Maria Oller
Artistic Director
Lung Ha

"Andy has worked with several of our company members to develop their plays. Andy is always encouraging and insightful when working with our playwrights, supporting them to develop their ideas and think about their approach to writing. I have only the very best to say about Andy's work with Lung Ha"

Soo Ja
Playwright / artist

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