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Plays, shows & other things


  • Career Ending Incidents
    A farcical novelette about career changes. Self-published and distributed to thirty collaborators and pals.


  • Gorbals
    Part of 'United Kingdoms: Sheltering' for BBC Radio 4. Produced by Kirsty Williams.
    A short drama about male mental health, the collapse of community spaces and Bruce Springsteen.
    Available on BBC Sounds


  • Tomorrow, Under Snow
    Staged reading presented by Fire Exit Theatre Company and Take Me Somewhere 2019. Directed by David Leddy.
    A one act drama about trauma, holocaust remembrance and contemporary anti-Semitism.


  • Arketype
    Rehearsed reading presented by Tron Theatre at Mayfesto 2019. Directed by Eve Nicol.
    A slapstick, anarchic reimagining of the Noah's Ark myth.


  • Words Live
    Created for Bunbanter Theatre Company. Presented at CatStrand. Directed by Ali Anderson-Dyer.
    A celebration of thank you letters, gathered from the communities in Dumfriesshire.


  • Dramaturgy
    'Let the Music Go on and on...' - performance created by Carrie Skinner. Presented at CCA, Glasgow.


  • In Burrows
    Performance with Sign Language Interpreter Amy Cheskin. Supported by Glasgow Connected Arts Network, WASPS Artists' Studios and Tron Theatre.
    An improvised duet about language, translation and how difficult it is to find the right words.
    Showed at Tron Theatre (2018), Assembly Roxy (2019) and Bilingualism Matters (2019).


  • Bridges Over the Clyde
    A commission for Tate N Lyle as part of 'radio play'. 
    A monologue about running, generational violence and the river Clyde.


  • Dramaturgy
    'On the Waves of the Air...' - performance created by Carrie Skinner. Presented at Glasgow International.


  • The Square Mile / Y Filltir Sgwar
    Presented at 'A Play, A Poet, A Pastry' with Bunbanter Theatre Company. Directed by Ali Anderson-Dyer. 
    A play about coming home, awkward conversations with your dad and living on the border between England and Wales.

  • Scribble
    Winner of the Assembly Roxy Theatre Award 2017. Presented at Edinburgh Fringe. Directed by Amy McKenzie.
    A play about anxiety, supernovas and breakfast cereals.


  • Nowhere Hearing
    Performance presented as part of Andy Arnold's 'Nowhere' at Take Me Somewhere 2017.
    Durational performance exploring the absurdity of describing sounds, using a library of sounds collected from audience members.


  • Dramaturgy
    'Beggars Teeth' - a group exhibition with Fiona Robertson. Presented at the Project Room, Glasgow.
    'Holding Time' - a performance for Transit Arts created by Carrie Skinner. Presented at CCA, Glasgow.


  • Residual Ruin
    Performance and digital artwork created for Generator Projects. 
    A collection of improvised poetry and fragments composed from found materials.


  • Affective North
    Digital artwork created for Timespan Arts & Heritage. 
    A collection of fragments documenting the True North 2016 conference.

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