The Square Mile /
Y Filltir Sgwâr

A play about Bourbon biscuits

A two-hander between father and son, set around a kitchen table, in a rural house where England meets Wales, where Cheshire meets Flintshire, where flatlands start rolling into mountains.

A play about navigating the boundaries of home and the relationships we find there, and about rediscovering that thing which shapes all of us, the place we come to know in detail, which is both foreign and familiar; a place to which our roots belong.

“nothing, like something, can happen anywhere”

Philip Larkin

Commissioned for Bunbury Banter Theatre Company's 'A Play, A Poet, A Pastry', performed at Theatre Royal Dumfries, Sept 2018.

Image Credit - Peter Dibdin
Image Credit - Peter Dibdin



Image Credit - Peter Dibdin
Image Credit - Peter Dibdin


Creative Team

Playwright - Andy Edwards

Director - Ali-Anderson Dyer

Producer - Bunbury Banter Theatre


Lighting Design - Mark Alexander
Sound Design - Louise Gregory

Stage Management - Kirsty Layne


Allan - Andrew Byatt

Dylan - Gavin Wright