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A play about anxiety and supernovas

Bran flakes, anxiety and gravity. The smallest moments in history. The largest events in the universe. Blink and you’ll miss it. A scribble in the chest.


Based on experiences both real and imagined, Scribble is an exploration of the complexity of obsession and compulsion and supermarkets, performed by one actor who has seen the script and one actor who hasn't.



Assembly Roxy Theatre Award, 2017.


"Heartbreaking, furious play looking at mental illness" The List, Lorna Irvine


"I've found it a curiously hard work to forget, perhaps because the ideas floating underneath it are compelling" - Exeunt Magazine, Rosemary Waugh

★★★★ FringeBiscuit
★★★★ EdFrinngeReview

Creative Team

Directed by Amy Gilmartin
Produced by Rachel D'Arcy
Music by Blair Coron
Design by Jenny Booth


CAST: Alan MacKenzie


GUEST PERFORMERS: Catherine Elliott, Neil John GibsonJoseph Brown, Lana Pheutan, Daniel Cameron, Vivien Reid, Pauline Lockhart, Kirsty Eila McIntyre, Robin Heiler, Nicola Jo Cully, Roanna Davidson, Nicola Roy, Sean Langtree, Cristian Ortega, Sophia McLean, Kane Power, Rosalind McAndrew, Clare Marcie, Nicole Cooper, Maria Oller, Kim Allan, David Kirkwood and Samuel Jameson

Performance History

Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017 - (August 2017)

Traverse Theatre,Traverse Hothouse 2016 - (November 2016)

Developed during attachment to Playwrights' Studio Scotland's mentoring programme, with the support of Rob Drummond and the Tom McGrath Trust.

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