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A play about a boat

See AR K E T Y P E
A R K E T Y P E is showing as a work-in-progess at Glasgow's Tron Theatre on the 24th and 25th of May 2019. Book your tickets here.

Performances are BSL interpreted.

The waters are rising, land is disappearing; the flood has come. Noah’s on a mission from God – but no one has faith in men anymore. The twins Sera and Serac are too busy watching JAWS and his wife and daughter, Set and Nora, keep vanishing into the night. The old world is being washed away – and this family are falling apart.

ARKETYPE is a tragicomic revisioning of Noah’s Ark, a retelling of the famous flood myth against a contemporary world of rising sea levels, mustard knitwear and bearded men whose boats we don’t need.


ARKETYPE was selected to receive a first draft commission and funding for script development as part of the 2019 Mayfesto Resident Artists programme. 

Creative Team
Written by Andy Edwards

Directed by Eve Nicol

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