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Andy Edwards

Writer & Artist, Glasgow

Hello! I'm a writer and artist based in Glasgow. Over the last ten years I've written for stage, radio and screen, as well as created performances and publications. Currently I'm interested in...

  • Surreal, queer and slippery sentences, like in Isabel Waidner's Sterling Karat Gold

  • Co-creative writing and making with young people

  • Repetition and the one word poems of Aram Saroyan

  • Work that you can listen to while washing the dishes

Take a look at some of my previous plays, performances and projects.

I also love reading other writers' plays. From August 2023, I'm running a pay-by-donation script reading service. Would you like me to read your script? 

Go to my shop to see my publications.

Email me:

I've listed some of my work below. You can also download my CV.

Twitter: @andynedwards

Agent: Brennan Artists

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