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Andy Edwards

Writer & Dramaturg

A black and white headshot of Andy against a background of trees.

I tell stories that are quiet, heartfelt and tinged with the absurd. I'm fascinated by characters whose inner contradictions leave them tied up in knots. I want to write about humans and the messy, beautiful and harmful lives that we lead.  In my work, I try to capture the small intimacies which give our lives meaning. I like big laughs, long silences and characters who try to change.

I've written stage-texts, radio plays and fiction. From time to time I make performances, sometimes with others and sometimes on my own. As a dramaturg, I support artists, mentor playwrights, read scripts for institutions and lead workshops.

I write criticism for Neon Books and Exeunt Magazine.

Click here to download my CV (PDF).


Email me if you want to talk about a project or say hi:


Twitter: @andynedwards

Agent: Brennan Artists

A black and white headshot of Andy against a background of trees. Photo credit: Mihaela Bodlovic.

Selected Work

An 2D map of the United Kingdom.


Make It Accessible

A short drama about male mental health, the collapse of community spaces and Bruce Springsteen.


Produced by Kirsty Williams for BBC Radio 4. First broadcast as part of 'United Kingdoms: Sheltering' in September 2021.


Available on BBC Sounds

Image credit: BBC

A series of online presentations co-created with Birds of Paradise Theatre Company. Born out of the COVID-19 lockdowns, we wanted to create a platform for ourselves and others to share knowledge about making theatre more accessible both on and offstage.

All levels of experience were welcome. Events were free to attend with live captions and BSL translations.

See above for a video summary of the events. Click here to learn more and watch full recordings of presentations from invited speakers.

A photo from the performance In Burrows. Andy is in the foreground, staring at a music stand with a photo on it. Besides it stands Amy, who is interpreting what he is saying into British Sign Language.

Happy Ark Day :]                

In Burrows

A short happy/sad film about mothers, daughters, and biblical floods.

"what might be called the apocalypse tapes, the ones in which lockdown figures only as a premonition of a much more final breakdown of society" ​

★★★★ The Scotsman


Commissioned for 'Scenes for Survival' by National Theatre of Scotland and BBC Scotland in May 2020. Directed by Kolbrún Björt Sigfúsdóttir.

Click here for the audio described version of this film.


A delicate conversation about language and translation, performed by Andy and Amy Cheskin. Engaging, strange, funny and moving.

"an encompassing, eye-catching collection of human interaction and understanding" ​

★★★★ The Wee Review

Supported by Glasgow Connected Arts Network and WASPS Artists' Studios. Premiered at Tron Theatre, Glasgow (2018).

Photo credit: Julia Bauer

© 2022 Andy Edwards

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